We offer a complete line of hydraulic, textile machinery, heavy duty engine, gear and industrial/farming oils from the following brands:


The Shell ROTELLA® family of products is built on the Triple Protection legacy of performance. And now we’re proud to announce the most technically advanced formulation ever. The next evolution in hardworking engine oil protection.

Shell Tellus

Shell Tellus oils meet the challenges of a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications which includes extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life*, through to cost-effective, reliable products for less-demanding applications.

Shell Spirax

These oils are designed to help keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently.

Shell Omala

To meet the challenges of a wide range of gear types and applications, Shell has designed oils that enables you to choose a product to best match your technical and operational needs

Shell Gadus

Shell Gadus greases offer reliable performance for standard applications to specialist low noise, high-temperature and heavy-load greases, there is a Shell Gadus product that can help to optimize your system’s efficiency and costs of operation.

AeroShell Lubricants

Be it aircraft piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, greases or hydraulic fluids, AeroShell has one of the most comprehensive and proven range of aviation lubricant products, combined with one of the best technical support in the industry. It is no wonder that the AeroShell range is trusted for generations and used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide.

Mystik JT-8 Synthetic Blend

These Synthetic Blend Super Heavy Duty Engine Oils are performance engineered with proprietary additive technology. Designed to ensure long lasting engine durability under the toughest operating conditions. Recommended for commercial over-the-road fleets, agriculture, construction equipment, buses, automobiles, and other similar diesel-powered applications where a premium quality engine oil is required.

Starfire Synthetic Blend 15w-40

This engine oil is specially engineered for heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines operating under all service conditions, including today’s emission controlled engines with EGR and diesel particulate filters using Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (Less than 15 PPM Sulfur) (ULSD) and Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD).

Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp

These high temperature greases combine excellent multi-purpose properties with a high dropping point to give them application over a wide temperature range. Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp greases exhibit a high Timken OK Load in addition to providing excellent Four-Ball Wear and EP performance. They provide superior protection to lubricate a wide variety of automotive, agricultural, trucking, mining, construction, and industrial equipment and also provides outstanding shock load protection.

Starfire Antifreeze

STARFIRE CONVENTIONAL GREEN ANTIFREEZE/COOLANT is a premium, virgin, ethylene glycol-based product which meets or exceeds ASTM requirements for use in cars, light duty and heavy duty trucks. For heavy duty applications.

STARFIRE Universal Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid

STARFIRE Universal Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid is designed for use in a variety of farm equipment, off-highway machinery, industrial tractors, final drives, power take-off units, wet brakes, power steering units, and hydraulic systems.


STARFIRE FULL SYNTHETIC GL-5 GEAR LUBRICANTS are multi-purpose lubricants designed for service in automotive and heavy duty applications. Blended with extreme pressure additives package with friction modifiers, which provides excellent thermal and oxidative stability, as well as anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection and have excellent load carrying capabilities.

Starfire Supertack Bar & Chain Oil

STARFIRE SUPERTACK BAR & CHAIN OIL is a premium lubricant designed to prevent rusting and reduce wear and link breakage, thus extending bar and chain life.


STARFIRE TC-W3® PREMIUM 2-CYCLE OIL is a premium, high quality motor oil formulated for use in outboard motors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, chain saws, garden equipment and other fuel lubricated or fuel injected 2-Cycle engines


This is a mixture of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% deionized water that is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems on diesel engines. DEF is the primary ingredient used to help convert diesel powered bus, car and truck NOx emissions to harmless nitrogen and water.

Phillips 66® X/C Aviation Oil

This oil provides distinct benefits compared with single-grade engine oils, including easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time, and reduced oil consumption in most engines. XC 20W-50 maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. Also is recommended for use during break-in and then as the operational oil until TBO.

Southern Lube Heavy Duty Motor Oil 15w-40 CK4

This engine oil is specially engineered for heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines operating under all service conditions, including today’s emission controlled engines with EGR and diesel particulate filters using Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (Less than 15 PPM Sulfur) (ULSD) and Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD).This oil meets the latest CK4 diesel specifications.

Southern Lubes Crystal Clear 68

Specially blended with the carpet industry in mind. This premium-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil has outstanding stability, designed to meet the demanding requirements of most all the major manufacturers and users of hydraulic equipment. These oils are characterized by their clear appearance and clarity retention in operating systems, good rust protection, low deposit formation, rapid release of entrained air, oxidation resistance, low pour points, and good anti-foam properties. Which makes this oil a perfect candidate for shear machine applications.

Southern Lubes Eco-Clear 32 Hydraulic Oil

Specially blended for ecologic sensitive areas and pro-environment users. EcoClear Hydraulic Oils have outstanding stability and anti-wear characteristics designed to meet the demanding requirements of most all the major manufacturers. Recommended for critical application of vane and gear pumps operated at elevated pressure levels, i.e. in excess of 6,900 kPa or 1000 psi. For systems incorporating axial piston pumps with pressures in excess of 3500 psi, these oils can be used where the manufacturer specifies anti-wear hydraulic oils.

Southern Lubes Premium Tractor Hydraulic Oil

Formulated and recommended for multipurpose use in transmissions, differentials, hydraulic and power steering units in many different makes of tractors and farm equipment. Premium Tractor Hydraulic Fluid can be used for those hydraulic, wet brake, and transmission applications where the following OEM fluids are recommended: Meeting the latest required specifications of Allison, Case, John Deere, Ford, Kubota and many more.