The Aviation Industry

We carry a full line of piston driven engine oils for the local area. Whether you have a single engine plane, twin engine plane, or helicopter, we can work to your lubrication needs. Our products include straight weight mineral oils for new engine break-in, as well as to the latest in technology multi-grades from Aeroshell, Phillips X/C and Exxon Sport, 5606 spec. hydraulic fluid and Aeroshell 22 grease, acrobatic environmentally friendly smoke oil.

Aeroshell Oil W 15 W 50

Premium semi-synthetic multi-grade ash-less dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines. The advanced package provides excellent protection to engines operating at extreme ambient temperatures, along with exceptional wear protection for camshafts and lifters and other wearing surfaces.

Exxon Elite™ 20W-50

A multi-grade oil with the ability to provide better cold-start protection and a stronger lubricant film at typical operating temperatures. Other benefits include lower oil consumption and better fuel economy as a multi-grade oil.

Phillips 66® X/C Aviation Oil

This oil provides distinct benefits compared with single-grade engine oils, including easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time, and reduced oil consumption in most engines. XC 20W-50 maintains its film strength under high loads and at high temperatures to protect against wear and piston scuffing. Also is recommended for use during break-in and then as the operational oil until TBO.

X/C 25W-60 Aviation Oil

This oil is recommended for use in radial piston engines and in other aviation piston engines originally designed to run on heavier-grade oils, such as Commercial Grade 120. Also is recommended for use during break-in and then as the operational oil until TBO.